Sydney didn’t even have time to grab her backpack when the evacuation ship showed up at her school. Like most of earth’s refugees, her friends and family were lost to her in the chaos. Despite her circumstances, Sydney refuses to give up on them.

Deep within the bowels of the abandoned cargo ship in which she, Stanley, and a few others reside, Sydney found and opened an old jar. The noxious fumes it released should have poisoned her, instead she found herself bonded with a powerful ancient spirit. As useful as it's powers are in her quest, it’s unclear what it’s motives are… 



Stanley felt the overturned beer crate creak under his weight. His phone call had just ended abruptly as the last watt of energy he'd managed to steal from the pharmacy down the street radiated away. It was just as well, not actually hearing the word no was as close to hope as he'd been for months. 

He was out of ideas. No clients, No interest in his portfolio, no savings, the threat of eviction looming overhead, and no desire to move back into his mom's house. 

He gazed beyond the grimy bars on his windows, beyond the decrepit buildings in his complex, even beyond the featureless sky. Today, he could see his dreams coming to fruition more clearly than ever. He saw a mass of swirling colors growing ever larger. A smile crept out from under the thicket of brown hair on his face, he'd never hallucinated before. Maybe his diet of tap water and stale bread wasn't all bad after all. 

He reached for his camera to be sure. The viewfinder revealed a giant reptilian yellow eye flying by his window. 

"I guess living with mom for a while wouldn't be so bad."