Paul on a windy day.

Paul on a windy day.


Paul Davey is an unbelievable artist known on the internet as Mattahan. He is Cleaversoft's Art Department. Rich thinks he is the greatest artist to ever live. He first published his work on deviantart.com at a very young age and saw great interest in his hand-painted icons. "Buuf," the most popular iOS jailbroken theme in the world, is based on his art. His paintings have a unique fantastical quality to them that blows away everyone who sees them. @mattahan



Rich Siegel runs Cleaversoft and is the lead developer on EarthNight.  He's an entrepreneur and video game junkie. After finding success with his first business he decided to follow his real passion and start making video games.  He founded Cleaversoft in 2008 in an apartment right outside of Philadelphia.  In Feb. 2012, he assembled this awesome team and began the journey that would become EarthNight.



Paul Weinstein is hailed as one of the best chiptune artists in the world, creating music on his original Nintendo Game Boy (along with guitars, a few lo-fi synths and some other instruments). He wrote an original soundtrack for EarthNight that will blow your mind — and it’s OUT NOW! You can check it out on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and other platforms, or visit his website. His pre-EarthNight album "Wordplay" is also available on Bandcamp and on Vinyl in amazing transparent purple and black splatter!


Adam Nash is a game designer, programmer, composer, writer and teacher living in Philadelphia.  He's designed, coded, composed music, or written for more than 30 games, working with studios such as This is Pop, Starlight Runner Entertainment and Gigantic Mechanic. When not making games, Nash plays keys in Nakama and teaches at Philly-area universities.



Zach Cohen is an extremely talented animator who is lending his skills to the team to help bring Mattahan's art to life, as well as making some of his own creations.  His unique style is reminiscent of Ren & Stimpy but has a fun twist of its own.



Mark Bradshaw has been developing games since he taught himself how to program on his Bally when he was 12. (If you don't know what that is then you get a sense of how old this dude really is.) He is focused on making the gameplay super fun and ensuring the game's physics feel perfect. Mark has worked for companies such as Sega, Microprose and Hasbro and has shipped more than 40 titles in his career.


Jason has been developing projects and games in Unity since 2012, and has had several titles release on multiple platforms as well as worked on projects for interactive attractions at Disney theme parks. An integral part of the project for more than 5 years, Jason helped take Earth Night from prototype, to full fledged iOS game project, then to console and standalone platforms as the project greatly expanded in scope of design and features.



Alberto Tirado has joined the team as our 3D artist to make 3D overhead dragons and meshes for various pieces of the game.  He has really hit the ground running and done a great job bringing our first 3D assets to life.  


Kevin VanOrd spent nine years writing about games for Gamespot before he decided it was time for a change of pace. As a narrative editor and game designer at Trion Worlds he helped shape Devilian and Atlas Reactor. (You should totally play them!)  Now, he helps shape EarthNight when he isn't busy cuddling Ollie, his chubby white cat. You should follow him on Twitter: @fiddlecub.  He's mouthy.  

Dr. Dave the Appraiser

Dave Yaron has been a spiritual guide for the project since we started.  He was there with Rich and Paul at the original inception of the idea and was the first person to say the word "EarthNight."  He is also the voice of the ship's appraiser and actually appraises all the scraps.  


Doug Holder has joined our team as our VFX specialist, adding a new layer to Matthan's art with particle effects and all sorts of fun stuff.  He is a wizard among men. He previously worked on The Last of Us and Uncharted 3... Enough said.  @DougMakesGames



Spencer Miller co-founded Cleaversoft with Rich in 2008 but then left for a job at Dreamworks. Now he has left Dreamworks and works at Riot! He still helps here and there, and Rich hopes when EarthNight blows up, he'll come back.  





Jessica Hayley is the team's resident code de-spaghettifier and feature implementer. She's worn many hats across the game development, VR and software industries, and is bringing that experience to help the team make the game as great as possible.