With no government or military left to speak of, it's up to Sydney and Stanley to skydive back to Earth and set things right. 

Each run begins in space. The player must traverse six beautifully painted layers of the atmosphere, alternating between skydiving and running on the backs of dragons on the perilous journey down to Earth. Unlike other runner games, there is an end — the planet’s surface is the final world: EarthNight. You can learn the basic mechanics in a few minutes, but the game is hard to master. It takes time and dedication to develop the skills to reach EarthNight.

EarthNight is the deepest runner game you will ever play. Each run is unique but feels meticulously crafted.  We’re using what we call “hand-designed procedural generation.” We’ve broken down each dragon (level) into three chunks: a beginning, middle and end. Each of these chunks has at least five hand-designed variations that spawn procedurally according to a set of rules. This means the most basic dragons have 125 different potential layout variations. The finished game will have a virtually endless amount of possible variations. Your path to EarthNight will always be different and riddled with danger.